How to run EFTtools on Windows XP

This “How to” describes the way to run the latest EFTtools on the old but proven by time Windows XP.

As you already noticed the Microsoft Windows XP operating system isn’t longer supported. Nor EFTlab’s EFTtools are installable on this platform. The latest build that you can install on this OS was the 14.01 build.

But one of our users came with his requirement to use the EFTtools on his Windows XP and found a workaround solution to run the latest EFTtools on his Windows XP.

The steps are simple.

Steps taken
Install the EFTtools on a “supported” Windows version (Vista and later).
Copy the EFTtools folder and subfolders to the Windows XP.
Run the corresponding executable from that location directly, and/or create a shortcut of your taste.
That’s all.

Thank you, George!