EFTlab new brand announcement

Veronika Bilek

Say hello to our new look & feel

Today, we are excited and proud to share with the world our new look & feel.

Like every good rebranding journey, ours started when we felt we had outgrown our old brand.

We’ve been around for more than a decade, helping over 70 financial institutions around the globe reach new standards in payment processing, but in the last couple of years, we shifted our focus from products to solutions, and from supporting the payment industry to moving it forward. 

We felt like we were doing so many innovative and ground-breaking things, but while we were talking about Next-Gen payment solutions, our brand said something completely different.

So we decided to make a switch (pun intended):

What does the change stand for

We believe that speed-to-market comes from the confidence to move forward (without compromising on excellence). We are all about providing financial institutions with this confidence to move quicker, be more flexible and stay secure by using our next-gen cloud-based payment solutions.

We chose a new colorful scheme, graphical motion and hand-based imagery to reflect our innovative, agile, agnostic and humanised approach to the payment industry.

What didn’t change

Us, our mission and our values.

We’re still a team of industry experts (we’re just a bit bigger now), and every day we put this experience to work, making sure we provide financial institutions with payment solutions agility.

We were, and always will be, very supportive, professional and attentive. We just look a bit different.


Our new fresh brand and website speak the same language as our team does. We hope you like it as much as we do.

If you have any questions/feedback (good or bad), please feel free to contact our team.