Complete list of MicroFocus (HPE) Atalla HSM commands

List of HPE Atalla HSM commands with their description.

FunctionSupported by
00Echo Test MessageX
10Generate 3DES Working Key, Any TypeX
11Export a Working Key in AKB FormatX
13Import a Working Key in AKB FormatX
14Load ATM Master Key – IBM 3624
14Load ATM Master Key – IBM 4731
15Change ATM Communications Key – Docutel
15Change ATM Communications Key – IBM 3624
15Change ATM Communications Key – IBM 4731
1AExport a Working Key to non-AKB FormatX
1EGenerate New Initial Key for PIN Pad Using Visa DUKPT
30Encrypt PIN – ANSI Format 0X
31Translate PINX
31Translate PIN – Visa DUKPTX
32Verify PIN – Atalla 2×2
32Verify PIN – Atalla DES BiLevel
32Verify PIN – Burroughs
32Verify PIN – Clear-PIN ComparisonX
32Verify PIN – Diebold
32Verify PIN – IBM 3624X
32Verify PIN – Identikey
32Verify PIN – NCRX
32Verify PIN – PIN-Block ComparisonX
32Verify PIN – VisaX
33Translate PIN – ANSI to IBM 4731
33Translate PIN – ANSI to PIN/Pad
33Translate PIN – ANSI to PLUS and PLUS to ANSI
33Translate PIN – IBM 3624 to IBM 3624
33Translate PIN – IBM 3624 to PIN/Pad
33Translate PIN – IBM 4731 to IBM 4731
33Translate PIN – IBM 4731 to PIN/Pad
33Translate PIN – PIN/Pad or Docutel to IBM 4731
33Translate PIN – PIN/Pad or Docutel to PIN/Pad
35Translate PIN – Double-Encrypted Input or Output
36Verify Double-Encrypted PIN
37PIN Change – Atalla DES Bilevel
37PIN Change – Diebold
37PIN Change – IBM 3624
37PIN Change – Identikey
37PIN Change – NCR
37PIN Change – Visa
39Translate PIN And Generate MAC
3AVerify Card and PIN – IBM3624X
3AVerify Card and PIN – NCRX
3AVerify Card and PIN – VisaX
3DGenerate PVN and IBM Offset
55Encrypt, Decrypt Or Translate DataX
58MAC Translate
59Generate MAC and Encrypt or Translate Data
5CVerify and Generate MAC for Visa DUKPT
5DGenerate CVV/CVCX
5FVerify MAC and Decrypt PINX
70Load Volatile Table Value
71Delete Volatile Table Value
72Verify Volatile Table Value
7EGenerate Check DigitsX
90Decrypt PINX
93Generate Random NumberX
94Generate Initialization VectorX
95Reformat Initialization VectorX
96Verify Initialization VectorX
97Encrypt/Decrypt DataX
98Generate MACX
99Verify MACX
9ANetwork Security Processor AKB header list
9ANetwork Security Processor Clear Log
9ANetwork Security Processor Configuration Status
9ANetwork Security Processor Count Status
9ANetwork Security Processor Crypto Test
9ANetwork Security Processor Status ID
9ANetwork Security Processor Status Key
9BVerify ACR Response MAC
9ETranslate Working Key from Current MFK to Pending MFK
9FReplace the Current MFK with the Pending MFK
BAPIN Translate (ANSI to PIN/Pad) and MAC VerificationX
BBTranslate PIN (ANSI to PLUS) and Verify MACX
BDTranslate PIN and Generate MAC
BEVerify VSVC S1 Signature and Generate VSVC S2 Signature
BFVerify VSVC S3 Signature
D0Verify Clear PIN
101Configure Network Security Processor OptionX
102Command Monitoring
105License Premium Value Commands and Options
106Define Temporary Serial Number
107Confirm Temporary Serial Number
108Define Security Policy
109Confirm Security Policy
113Translate an AKB to 3DES-ECB or 3DES-CBC
117Import TR-31 Formatted Working KeyX
118Export Working Key in TR-31 FormatX
11BImport Non-AKB Formatted Working KeysX
11CConvert Atalla DES Key to 3DES AKB Format
11EGenerate Atalla 2×2 PVN
120Generate RSA Key Pair
121Load RSA Key into RSA Key Table
122Generate AKB for Root Public Key
123Verify Public Key and Generate AKBPUB
124Generate Digital Signature
125Verify Digital Signature
126Generate Message Digest
12AGenerate AKB of Root Public Key
12BTranslate Public or Private Key AKB from MFK to PMFK
12CVerify or Delete RSA Key Table Entry
12FGenerate ATM Master Key and encrypt with public key
135Export RSA Private Key in ECB encrypted format
136Generate a TR-34 Key Block
138RSA Data Decrypt
139Sign TR-34 Message
304Verify CMAC using TDES
305Generate CMAC using TDES
30ACalculate PIN Offset
32CVerify ePIN
335PIN and PIN-Block Translate
346PIN Translate – DUKPT to 3DES and Verify MAC
347PIN Translate – DUKPT to 3DES and Generate MAC
348Verify DUKPT MACX
350Verify EMV ARQC
351EMV PIN Change
352Generate EMV MAC
354Generate EMV ICC Master Key
356Validate CAP Token
357Verify dCVVX
358Generate ISO/IEC 9796-2 Digital Signature
359Verify dynamic CVC3X
35BGenerate AMEX CSCX
35FVerify Discover DCVV
365Verify Visa Cloud-Based Payments
36AVerify AMEX Expresspay value – Magstripe Mode
37BGenerate ePIN Offset
386Generate DUKPT MAC
388DES DUKPT Encrypt/Decrypt DataX
38CDerive DUKPT Initial PIN Encryption KeyX
390Encrypt/Decrypt Data using AESX
392Generate Check Digits for an AES KeyX
39AGenerate AES or HMAC Symmetric Key
39BGenerate MAC using HMAC
39CVerify MAC using HMAC
3FCEMV PIN change from IBM3624 offset
3FDAuthenticate multiple EMV scripts
1101Get ID of Current Image
1104Get Temporary Serial Number Information
1110Get System Configuration Information
1111Get System Date and TimeX
1113Get Average CPU Utilization
1120Get System Information
1216Get Battery Life Remaining
1221Return IP Address of Network Security Processor
1223TCP/IP Socket Information
1226Get Key Check DigitsX
1227Reset to Factory State
1228Confirm Reset to Factory State

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