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BP-SeeEMV provides a visual representation of the steps involved in an EMV transaction, viewed primarily from the terminal perspective. BP-SeeEMV can process a transaction one step at a time, in a step-by-step mode or to any number of configurable breakpoints.

BP-SeeEMV can be used as:

  • An aid for developing and validating EMV applications
  • A training tool for understanding the EMV payment process
  • A diagnostic tool for checking the behavior of a payment application or an EMV card

It is suitable for use by:

  • Card Issuers - to verify the behavior of EMV card applications
  • Acquirers - to verify the configuration of their EMV terminals
  • Technical Consultants - to have a tool specifically designed for testing and troubleshooting EMV transaction flows
  • Training Consultants - to use as a hands-on teaching tool when providing EMV payment training

Supported Cards:

  • BP-SeeEMV supports all cards that are EMV 4.x & Contactless Comm Protocol 2.1 compliant.

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