BP-ATM provides realistic emulation of a physical ATM with all of its screens, cash cassettes and problem management.

It can replace an entire ATM lab with a single instance application that can simulate multiple ATMs that can be configured with different hardware devices and software downloads for fast and convenient ATM testing.


BP-ATM supports EMV transactions using simulated Chip applications. Cards can have one or more EMV applications associated with them and BP-ATM executes the card acceptance and application selection flow just like a real ATM.

BP-ATM supports full ATM encryption protocols and handles all encryption key change messages to ensure all messages produced by the simulator are cryptographically correct.

BP-ATM has been developed with both tester and ATM developers in mind. Users performing testing have easy access to the ATM screens and can quickly verify that the ATM and switch are performing correctly. The printers tab of the ATM shows an image of the ATM receipt and any data printed on the Journal or deposit printers, while developers can access detailed diagnostic information from the Detail Log tab.

How BP-ATM can be used:

  • As a tool for developing and validating ATM driving systems
  • ATM screens and configuration testing
  • Production ATM problem emulation and diagnostics

BP-ATM is suitable for use by:

  • Acquirers - to maintain a cost effective support environment for multiple different device types
  • ATM driver developers - to have easy access to multiple ATMs without access to a physical devices
  • Training Consultants - to use as a hands-on teaching tool when providing ATM payment training

Supported formats:

  • Diebold
  • NDC+ and Aptra

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