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As mentioned in previous newsletters, we enjoy getting questions from our users. This month’s newsletter article addresses a question about tracing and monitoring in BP-Switch. It provides insight into the BP-Switch architecture and explains why it is fast, powerful and flexible.

BP-Tools has also gotten a new capability with the addition of the KeyStore, letting its users to efficiently store and retrieve key values. Learn more about it below.

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  • BP-Tools gets KeyStore: Listening to a feedback from our customers and BP-Tools users the BP-Tools KeyStore became lately the one of the most sought features. A newly implemented BP-CCALC KeyStore is a handy repository of a security keys which can be now accessed from every text input through the context help and also managed globally. Our team hopes that this will make the BP-CCALC even more handier for the daily usage.

    See the KeyStore in action here >>

  • BP-Node 2.0.016: This month the BP-Node team has spent 100% time on improving BP-Node's memory management, threadpool handling and internal locking mechanisms. Amongst the others this had a very positive impact on the overall system throughput and its persistence performance.

    More functionality foundations were laid made to pave a way for finishing the 2015 roadmap which involves Tokenization, settlement, batch processing and TMS components.

    Learn more about BP-Switch >>

  • Message Bus, System-wide tracing and Monitoring: BP-Node is a Tier 1 banking switch capable of sustained processing of over 2000TPS. It has been designed and written in a state-less, message-driven architecture around its centrepiece the Message Bus. The Message Bus acts as a kind of network hub for messages to and from all BP-Node components. Each BP-Node configured component then has its own subscribers to Message Bus who manages a message delivery based on the message type and its destination.

    Read more on BP-Node's internal design in our latest article >>

  • BP-Sim 15.11 release highlights:

    • BP-HSM: Added SSL connection configuration
    • BP-Source: HyperCom DE55 output fix
    • BP-Source: Improvements for transaction timeout handling in high-performance testing

    Learn more about BP-Sim >>

  • BP-Tools 15.11 release highlights:

    • BP-CCALC: Added ZKA MAC calculation screen
    • BP-CCALC: Luhn number moved under Check Digits menu
    • BP-CCALC: Added MOD 9 check digit calculation
    • BP-CCALC: Added Visa Cloud-Based Payments Contactless cryptography for MSD and qVSDC
    • BP-CCALC: Added Flexible Key Store and its handling through the context menu on all text fields
    • BP-CCALC: About & Clear log & Save log options moved under the Main menu
    • BP-CCALC: Added option to Clear log from context menu

    Learn more about BP-Tools >>

Coming Next Month

  • BP-Tools winter release

  • EFTlab's 2016 development roadmap


BP-Tools is a set of freeware applications for EFT testing, benchmarking and transaction service development.

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The Babylon Payments Simulator (BP-Sim) is a family of highly efficient regression and stress testing tools, designed for deployment in development and pre-production environments. BP-Sim allows users to perform an extensive range of tests across the chain of payment services.

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The Babylon Payments Processing Suite(BP-Processing) is a suite of EFTlab's products for realtime payment transaction processing and authorisation.

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