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Greetings and Happy New Year!

We rang in the New Year in snowy Europe, where we visited EFTlab clients and prospects, and reviewed plans for the year ahead with the EFTLab team. Our 2016 product roadmap is exciting and we are hard at work to execute it. What you might be looking for? Main topics are: batch management, settlement and clearing for BP‑Node, while you can also expect ATM driving for NDC+ based ATMs.

This month’s newsletter discusses improvements to BP‑Node, the heart of our BP‑Processing platform; a new additions of a complete list of EMV tags and dictionary to our knowledge base; and EFTLab’s implementation of Open Project to better serve our customers. If you aren’t familiar with Open Project, we encourage you to learn more about it.


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  • BP‑Node Windows support Improvements: BP‑Node is the core part for all BP‑Processing installations. It provides all the essentials needed from any processing system starting with monitoring, network interfaces, scheduler and ending with event and audit loggers. This month’s improvements to the BP‑Node core have had a particular focus on Windows support. The BP‑Node ODBC layer now uses cached statements which greatly improve database performance; the installers no longer require git or npm as pre-requisites to better support isolated installations; and the default installation provides HTTPS support, just like its Linux counterpart to aid PCI:DSS requirements.

    New command line functions have been added for “system recovery” support so that if you find yourself locked out, you can get back into the system within PCI:DSS. The documentation has been enhanced for better guidance when using PostgreSQL on a remote system, while the MS Windows and Linux installation documents were split for better readability. The most important feature added this month is the ability to back up and restore a configuration from within the BP‑Node itself. The SDK helps to declare tables as “configuration” tables then using the GUI.

    More on the BP‑Node >>

  • BP‑Node How-tos: Starting with this month we've decided to begin with publishing BP‑Node how-tos as those were written in a cooperation with our customers, sharing some of the implementation BP‑Node perks with our readers. Those are here also to demonstrate some of the main features around BP‑Node as advertised: flexibility and modularity. This month we are starting with the External Monitoring part for Zabbix.

    Monitoring a BP‑Node with Zabbix >>

  • Knowledge Base update: Never ending flow of the feedback from our readers and website visitors led to some most recent updates to our complete list of EMV & NFC Tags and Descriptions added to EFTlab Knowledge Base. There was also an update to all product flyers as well renewing information for 2016.

    Knowledge Base >>

  • EFTlab Adopts Open Project: OpenProject is free and open source web-based project collaboration software. It offers collaborative project planning, timeline reports, task management, time and cost reporting, Scrum, and more. EFTlab uses Open Project to communicate with our clients; track reported bugs or problems; and have them to go through all the steps of the support processes. It also allows us to log feature and change requests, group them into Development Sprints and turn them into releases and versions. EFTlab's customers can track their inquiries and comment on them. For more information about Open Project, see:

    OpenProject website >>

  • BP‑Sim 16.02 release highlights:

    • BP‑Sim: FIX: BP‑Host scripts listed on the BP‑Source panel
    • BP‑Sim: Added an option to save the current log as a file
    • BP‑Sim: Added an option to clear the current log
    • BP‑Sim: Flickering and performance fixes to all Message profile screens
    • BP‑Sim: FIX: License output always adding TermApp format license
    • BP‑Sim: Added ApplePay support for DE122 ISO8583-OIL
    • BP‑Source: Fix: Message profile resets into its original whenever Terminal value changes
    • BP‑SeeEMV: Fix: UDK & Session key log output

    Learn more about BP‑Sim >>

  • BP‑Tools 16.02 release highlights:

    • BP‑EMVT: TLV parser made more chatty about what were wrong
    • BP‑EMVT: FIX: TLV parser segfault for some data
    • BP‑CCALC: IBM 3624 PIN Offset now accepts 16b keys + fixes

    Learn more about BP‑Tools >>

Coming Next Month

  • PA:DSS audit, finally!

  • New project milestones are coming in


BP-Tools is a set of freeware applications for EFT testing, benchmarking and transaction service development.

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The Babylon Payments Simulator (BP-Sim) is a family of highly efficient regression and stress testing tools, designed for deployment in development and pre-production environments. BP-Sim allows users to perform an extensive range of tests across the chain of payment services.

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The Babylon Payments Processing Suite(BP-Processing) is a suite of EFTlab's products for realtime payment transaction processing and authorisation.

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