eNewsletter 16/02

BP-Node 2.2.002 & BP-Sim 16.03 released



It is good that February has an extra day this year, adding another bit to EFTlab's busy schedule so let's make it very brief this time.

Our work with the PA:DSS audit for BP-Node is getting close to completion, and we are looking for having it finished by the end of March. This month, we have a brief report on the latest BP-Node and BP-Sim enhancements. There were some issues reported on Code Signing Certificates and wxWidgets library for Windows 10 customers, but are fixed and Windows 10 is now part of our regression testing cycle.

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  • BP‑Node 2.2.002 release: This month’s seen some significant leaps forwards on Windows; we’ve sped up the interface with SQL Server by caching statements, we’ve improved the update ability of the application and removed some of the difficulties in installing prerequisites making it that much easier to get up and running quickly with BP-Node. Our documentation’s seen a lot of love with plenty of additions on both how to secure your system and how to get it to install and configure nicely with some guides produced on getting up and running with your first transaction. We’ve put in a lot of work on how you can handle various TCP/IP connectivity failure issues providing extra support (operating system dependent) for keep-alive operations and for detection of dead sockets due to inactivity (cross-platform).

    More on BP‑Node >>

  • PA:DSS audit: For our BP-Node customers this it is currently important activity, that we are moving though the PA:DSS audit with CQR (www.cqr.com). CQR is doing a great job pointing to some weaker points in the BP-Node's implementation guide and evaluating BP-Node against PA:DSS 3.1. CQR estimate that the audit will be completed within next two weeks.

    CQR Information Security >>

  • Code signing certificate problem: There have been number of issues in February reported on Code signing certificate failures for BP-Tools and BP-Sim products. This was caused by the latest requirement of SHA-2 certificates to be used for all Windows 10 installations starting with January 2016. Note that our support team is in touch with Symantec to solve this issue which appears to be not that trivial as it seemed originally as  although we have solved this for Windows 10, Windows 2012 still shows issues.

    Code signing certificate problem >>

  • Zabbix 3.0 released: Zabbix version 3.0. has just been released with quite a number of interesting new features. For those like us working in PCI:DSS compliant environments it the SSL/TLS encryption support proving most useful since this is now enforced by the latest PCI:DSS 3.1. EFTlab's team is now re-evaluating this release to check its compliance with supported 2.2 and 2.4 versions.

    Zabbix 3.0 - what's new >>

  • BP‑Sim 16.03 release highlights:

    • BP-Host, BP-HSM: Now indicates when incoming connection becomes established
    • BP-Source: Added an option to switch between P2H and H2H processing
    • BP-Source: Added an option to enable Transaction request & response preview functionality
    • BP-Sim: Test reports can be deleted from the tree view
    • BP-Sim: Navigation tree efficiency improved (number of object copies made into references)
    • BP-SeeEMV: Fix: Transaction Date comparison with Application Effective Date
    • BP-Sim: Now using wxWidgets 3.1.0 draft
    • BP-Sim: Fix: HyperCom messages format index not properly stored in transaction database, causing parser to fail

    Learn more about BP‑Sim >>

  • BP‑Tools 16.03 - If you have any ideas for BP-Tools please let us know and we'll add it to our backlog as we are often customer-led on BP-Tools. This month has been very quiet with simply the migration from wxWidgets 2.9.0 to wxWidgets 3.1.0 draft solving many of the Windows 10 issues on viewing and performance. Huge thanks to wxWidget's team for having done in such a quality release.

    Learn more about BP‑Tools >>

Coming Next Month

  • PA:DSS audit results

  • Detailed 2016 development roadmap


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