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EMV Issuer Scripts :: Secure Messaging for Mastercard and VISA



This month it was dedicated to <strong>EMV Issuer Scripts</strong> so we have a new very interesting article on this topic from our UK director David Cole, followed with practical tutorials and also whole coverage in BP&#8209;CCALC. The article discusses EMV Issuer Scripts and the related tutorials describe using the BP&#8209;Tools Cryptographic Calculator, with MasterCard and VISA Secure Messaging. These will be clearly of highest interest to anyone working with or learning about EMV.

We have also released a new flyers covering all EFTlab products for download.

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  • New article: "EMV Issuer Scripts and How They Work". EMV Issuer scripts allow the Issuer to update and change parameters and values on the EMV card chip whilst it is live in the field. This article discusses commonly used scripts and how they work. The article links to two BP-Tools BP-CCalc tutorials about secure message handling (MasterCard and Visa), described next. To read the article and find links to the tutorials, see:

    EMV Issuer Scripts and How They Work >>

  • Three new tutorials for BP-Tools BP-CCalc: BP-CCalc is a multi-purpose cryptographic calculator for payment system developers. Its features include handling of various security key types, a number of encryption and validation methods and a wide range of specialised options for daily EFT operations. The first tutorial focuses on how BP-CCalc, handles MasterCard Secure Messaging for EMV card issuers.

    MasterCard Secure Messaging >>

    The second tutorial covers how BP-CCalc handles VISA Secure Messaging for EMV card issuers.

    VISA Secure Messaging >>

    The third tutorial covers how BP-CCalc handles Key exchange session preparation.

    Key exchange session preparation >>

  • New EFTlab Product Flyers available for download: A new flyer describing all of EFTLab’s current products is available for download here:

    EFTlab's product flyers >>

  • BP-Switch Update: This month has seen some important new components arriving for BP-Switch:

      HSM Load Balancer: This component provides a generic interface for the rest of the system to securely perform cryptographic operations, spreading work across multiple physical and/or virtual HSMs using heuristics such queue size, latency, and failure rate. With full support for concurrent and asynchronous HSM clients, this component allows any number of HSMs with different make and model to be used side-by-side in production. The initial release comes with support for BP-HSM and SafeNet devices, with Thales support arriving in the near future.

      Health Component and Pipeline Health Check: These components provide a general mechanism for the system to understand its own health, allowing processing pipelines to be configured for specific handling of transactions during any form of system failure. Examples of this are forwarding transactions to a secondary site when the local HSMs are failing, or declining transactions when an upstream connection is failing. Moving this functionality into the pipeline configuration allows BP-Switch to meet a variety of customer requirements without additional customisation costs.

      External Monitoring with Zabbix: While BP-Switch provides simple monitoring functionality as part of its administration UI, in production deployments this is best handled by a dedicated system external to the processing platform. The External Monitoring component allows BP-Switch to forward all statistics and events to an external monitoring system in real-time. The initial release comes with support for Zabbix' Sender Protocol, and can easily be extended for other monitoring platforms in the future.

    Learn more about BP-Switch >>

  • BP-Sim 15.08 release highlights:

    • BP-Sim: Added MACing for ZKA
    • BP-Sim: Log output performance improvements

    Learn more about BP-Sim >>

  • BP-Tools 15.08 release highlights:

    • BP-CCALC: Added MACing and PIN change for Issuer script secure messaging (MasterCard & VISA)
    • BP-CCALC: FIX: RSA Sign and Encrypt displaying hexadecimal data in output log
    • BP-HCmd: Added Thales command KY support
    • BP-HCmd: FIX: Memory leak on Test and Console command usage

    Learn more about BP-Tools >>

Coming Next Month

  • BP-Tools release/support for CentOS & RedHat?

  • BP‑Switch delivery story


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