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BP-Tools May release

BP-Tools 19.05

  • BP-Tools: Tab form cycling issue (#2361)
  • BP-CCalc: VISA & MC Secure messaging to allow any payload (#2399)
  • BP-HCmd: Thales HSM DA/DB command field fix (#2389)
  • BP-CCalc: TR-31, extend CT optional header according to latest specification (#2395)

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BP-Tools is a set of freeware applications for EFT testing, benchmarking and transaction service development.

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The Babylon Payments Simulator (BP-Sim) is a family of highly efficient regression and stress testing tools, designed for deployment in development and pre-production environments. BP-Sim allows users to perform an extensive range of tests across the chain of payment services.

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The Babylon Payments Processing Suite(BP-Processing) is a suite of EFTlab's products for realtime payment transaction processing and authorisation.

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