BP-Sim April release

BP-Sim 18.04

  • BP-HSM: Add Thales PA/PB, PE/PF commands (#1696)
  • BP-HSM: Add SafeNet E2, 96, 9B, EE2018 commands (#1696)
  • BP-Sim: Fix the file browse function on Windows. The list view columns were not sized correctly. Fixed the file path delimiter. With was hardcoded and set at compile time but there was an issue if a Windows client was connected to a Linux server. The directory Delimiter used by the server is now passed to the client at startup. Also fixed the list view columns on a couple of other screens
  • BP-Sim: Fix issues with Simulator being quite slow on Windows. When swapping between devices, it took quite a long time to fill the message traffic window. This have been changed to a Virtual List View using a new BPTraffic widget that manages the message traffic but only draws the items that are visible
  • BP-Sim: Speed up filling Encryption Key Combo Boxes by creating an in memory array of strings that are all set at the same time rather than one by one
  • BP-Sim: Fix issue with Host 8583 devices resetting the values of field 11 when updated. The DE11 value is only updated if it is changed by the user
  • BP-Sim: Fix ATM and Host 8583 widgets consistent borders
  • BP-ATMLoadBuilder: Initial release
  • BP-Host8583: Allow user to configure DE38 for transaction replies
  • BP-Host8583: Update options GUI to match GUI design standard
  • BP-ATMLoadBuilder: Add ability to import and export ATM load files to Electra Card File format
  • BP-ATMLoadBuilder: Add missing functionality to add and delete EMV Applications and FIT Table entries
  • BP-Sim: Fix scrollbar in System Overview Grid
  • BP-Sim: Database schema changed requiring changes to ATM simulator that can use the Load Builder Database
  • BP-ATMLoadBuilder: Fix column sizes for bunch note acceptor screen
  • BP-ATM: Add support for Supervisor Mode
  • BP-ATM: Add support to send Unsolicited Status Messages
  • BP-ATM: Allow user to configure the status information sent in both Solicited and Unsolicited Status messages
  • BP-ATM: New Database Table to hold Status Messages
  • BP-ATM: Fix sqlite_stop routines in load builder that could look forever if an error occurred
  • BP-ATM: Turn off Error Simulation mode when the user swaps devices
  • BP-ATM: Merged most of the ATM Load Builder functionality into BP-Sim so that you can view the download data from the simulator but cannot modify it
  • BP-ATMLoadBuilder: Runs in 'Full Mode' or 'Display' mode. When running in 'Display' mode any Editing buttons either hidden or disabled. When called by BP-Sim, the frames are shown in a dialog
  • BP-ATMLoadBuilder: Used a Status Bar at the bottom of the window and this is not supported on a Dialog frame so it has been removed from Load Builder and errors are now shown with Message Boxes or static text controls on the frame
  • BP-ATMLoadBuilder: Added a Run Ad-hoc Script function to Load Builder
  • BP-ATM: There was an existing function in BP-ATM to fetch the ATM Download as a series of SQL statements that could be used to create a Load Builder Database. When displaying the ATM download, an in memory SQLite database is created by calling sqlite3_open with the database file name set to ':memory:'. The exiting functions in Load Builder to configure and initialize this database are called using the memory database handler and then the SQL statements are run (Using the new Ad-hoc Script function). The rest of the code just runs as before.
  • BP-ATM: When Displaying the ATM Screen a request needs to be sent to the Server as it has access to the Graphic Files. A new 'Preview Screen' function has been added to get the server to draw the selected ATM screen.
  • BP-ATMLoadBuilder: Added to the Licence key so it will no longer run unless it is licensed. There is a possibility that a site could only want Load Builder and not BP-Sim. As the licence file is shared, there is a new 'No BP-SIM Licence' that you can turn on if Load Builder is licensed and then Load Builder will run but not BP-SIM.
  • BP-ATM: Allow local TCP/IP ports to be configured for ATM device so host can Identify different ATMs defined on the simulator that all have the same IP Address
  • BP-ATM: NDC and Diebold ATMs use different panels, so changed to copy the common TCP/IP configuration from one panel to the other when the device type is changed
  • BP-Sim: Change system Overview so that it refreshes automatically when it is displayed. Refreshes once per second, but the timer increases by half a second after each refresh to a maximum value of 30 seconds. If you select anything on the screen the refresh changes back to 1 second and starts to increase again.
  • BP-Sim: System Overview filter expanded to included device name as well as module. Search is for a partial non case sensitive match
  • BP-Sim: Added jump to buttons so you can select a device on the system overview and jump to 'Use the device' or 'Configure the Device'
  • BP-Sim: Fixed issue with the device Mutex not being taken when processing a request from the client. There were multiple mutexes that where all called 'mutex_'. These have been renamed to make it clearer as to the mutex being locked.
  • BP-Sim: Connection errors were logged to the server message log and std::out. These are now logged to the devices message traffic window as well as operator events such as resetting the TCP/IP comms
  • BP-Sim: Fixed the device connection flag. When the connection was closed it was not being cleared correctly.

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