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BP-Source generates electronic payment transactions to test your switch or back office systems. BP-Source can also be used to generate a continuous feed of transactions including high Transactions Per Second (TPS) throughput of up to 2600 TPS. It provides extensive reporting and statistical information to assist you when troubleshooting your payment system.

BP-Source  off the shelf functionality offers:

    • Supported transaction formats:
      • APACS70
      • AS2805
      • ISO8583 dialects:
        • 1987 (standard)
        • 1993 (standard)
        • BIC ISO (BASE24 external message)
        • HyperCom
        • IFSF (P2H, H2H)
        • ISOLINK
        • MasterCard Credit (MCCredit)
        • PostBridge (Postilion proprietary)
        • Visa
      • EPAS - 05 (ISO20022 JSON)
      • MIGS (MasterCard Internet Gateway eCommerce Service)
      • SPDH (ACI)
      • TCMP (WorldPay)
    • Industry-standard cryptography:
      • ANSI X9.9
      • DUKPT security scheme
      • SSL/TLS
      • ZKA (Zentraler Kreditausschuss)
    • Interfaces:
      • BarnesTest
      • TPDU header (HyperCom)
      • Websocket
    • EMV online transaction support:
      • ICC reader
      • Internal ICC emulation (EMV standard 4.1)
      • NFC
    • Detailed test result reports and transaction tracing
    • Multi-platform support for:
      • Microsoft Windows (MS Vista and higher)
      • Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)
      • Mac OS X (Snow Leopard and higher)
    • Testing modes:
      • POS - sending one important message
      • Load testing - over 2600 TPS with full cryptography
      • Scripted - complex test and validation scenarios
      • Batch - Scripts aggregated into test suits
      • P2H/H2H messaging option
    • Configurable transaction load of up to 1600 TPS (Windows) or 2600 TPS (Linux)
    • Sending payment transactions in Host to Host (H2H) and POS to Host (P2H) modes
    • Configurable pre-sets for terminals and cards
    • Query able transaction database
    • Full capability test scripting

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