BP-ATM Load Builder

BP-ATM Load Builder is a tool to manage ATM Downloads. It provides an easy to use graphical interface allowing all components of the ATM load to be edited.

The State table editor adjusts the descriptions and options based on the state code for the selected record. If the record display a screen to the customer a preview of the screen is shown. The editor allows separator bars to be added to the list of state tables allowing function groups of table entries to be easily identified.

The screen editor allows the screen sequences used to build a screen to be edited. As the various control sequences are selected, the various options that can be set for the control sequence is displayed. Screens can be edited, added, copied and deleted. Multiple languages are fully supported.

The Load Builder uses a SQLite database to store all information. This allows additional information such as Comments, Notes and last changed information to be stored along with the ATM specific data. The Load Builder tracks all modifications made to the load file. Icons are used to indicated if records have been added or changed. Deleted records are also tracked and delete commands can be undone if required. When the modifications to the load file have been tested and are ready for implementation the changes are 'Committed'. This processes copies all the changes that have been made and applies them to the main database table. All changes are tracked in the Audit log with before and after values.

BP-ATM supports loading a simulated ATM with the modified Load Data from the Load Builder Database. After modifications have been made to the load file these changes can instantly be loaded into a BP-SIM ATM device allowing the modifications to be tested.

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